Here at Surf Southwest we’ve worked hard to ensure that every aspect of our surf lessons is first-rate, in order to give you an unparalleled surfing experience. We’re based in the beautiful Croyde bay where world class waves break onto golden sands, rugged cliffs look down onto crystal calm waters and meandering country paths retreat back to the picturesque village centre.

Our school, nestled behind the dunes, is a mere 2 minute walk from the beach allowing you a little more of that sacred water time. You’ll never be carrying your board very far, so you can be energised and ready when the lesson begins. The close proximity also encourages loved ones to hang out in the communal areas at the school or wander down and support from the waters edge.

Our instructors really are the life and soul of Surf Southwest and have been ever since we first started, back in 1996. Our commitment to the people that make the business tick means we have  high levels of staff retention, so you’ll be seeing the same smiling faces each time you visit. Not only does this allow room for friendships to blossom between you and your instructor but it enables them to guide you through every stage of the learning process, with a deep understanding of your individual wants and requirements.

It’s important to us that our instructors have a wealth of knowledge learnt from surfing all over the world, competing, holding years of experience and even teaching abroad. We also hold regular and rigorous training sessions that provide them with, and refresh them on, the expertise they need to keep you safe and surf happy. Croyde is an RNLI lifeguarded beach, adding another level of assurance to your surf lessons. We’d absolutely love to meet you and provide the finest experience of surfing here in Croyde Bay.