Working with local community groups, CIC’s and charities has always been at the core of the Surf South West ethos and offerings. We believe surfing should be a sport open to all and can be an invaluable ocean therapy for many. We were therefore especially proud to be asked to partner with The Devon Recovery Learning Community (DRLC) in providing surf sessions for their students. These surf sessions are now part of the DRLC’s extensive curriculum of courses designed to promote hope, opportunity and wellbeing for those who have lived experience of mental health difficulties.

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DRLC is a Recovery College and a service provided by Devon Partnership NHS Trust. It offers opportunities to learn about mental health and recovery to students who suffer from a variety of mental health concerns. DRLC believe that through education people can learn how to more effectively take care of themselves and others. The unique curriculum has therefore been designed to provide students with all the tools they need, to empower them to live a happy, productive and fulfilling life.

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Every student is encouraged to become an expert in their own wellbeing and recovery. They are supported in taking control of their life despite the mental health challenges they face. People enrol on the DRLC’s courses as students not patients and they do not need a referral from a health practitioner of any kind. Here is a round up of the courses available.

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Courses are for adults over the age of 18 and are free of charge. They are not an alternative to therapy and they do not provide clinical treatments or interventions. They simply provide educational opportunities for students to learn what they need to do to take control of their lives and live well.

The positive role that surf therapy can take in mental health recovery have been well publicised of late, so we were delighted that DRLC chose our surf sessions as part of their curriculum. It’s been a great season of DRLC surf sessions so far and we really hope to continue with many more in 2023.

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