As you know, here at Surf South West we’re all about “excellence” – surfing excellence, coaching excellence, community support excellence and generally, just being the best human being you can be, kinda excellence. Yes, if you’re serious about your surfing, you are going to want to be serious about training your body to perform. In fact, even if you’re not that serious about surfing you probably want to be healthy enough to play in the waves. If it’s one thing this past year has taught us, it’s that our strength and body health is of primary importance.

That’s why we’re even more delighted that one of our core elite instructors, Beau Bromham, is a highly qualified, ‘Performance Strength and Conditioning’ expert and he’s here to help you to peak performance for life.

Beau’s Strength and Conditioning Passion

Beau is working with us full time both as a surf coach and also as a fitness health professional whose strength and conditioning programmes have gained huge popularity for visitors and locals alike. Why? Because they get results that’s why.

So who is Beau and how can his training programmes help you?

Beau moved from Kent to Croyde at the age of twelve. Always athletic in nature, surfing took over his life. A complete natural to the sport, he quickly began to win competitions and caught the eye of local businesses who sponsored him. Beau shot up the rankings and soon qualified for the British ISA World Junior Surf Games in NZ and then Peru. He began taking an interest in the preparation for the competitions, analysing training strategy, focusing on how his body worked. Optimising his training programmes and creating his own strength and conditioning programmes became a passion and he was soon peaking his performance exactly at the right time for competition.

As time went on, Beau began to notice that he loved the preparation for competition, more than the actually competition. The stress of travelling and the arduous conditions of life on the surf circuit became demotivating and Beau lost interest in competing. He dropped out and for a while, just travelled, surfing Costa Rica and Hawaii before returning to Surf South West. John and Will were keen to support him in his search for a new surfing chapter and the rest is history.

Strength And Conditioning For Surfing Excellence

We’re proud to say that Beau went on to follow his dream and gained a Foundation Degree in Coaching plus a BSc Degree in Strength and Conditioning from Plymouth University. He now combines his surf coaching with his strength and conditioning services. Here at Surf South West he offers fitness workouts on the beach, and will be offering more group fitness sessions, workshops and talks at the clubhouse as summer progresses. His surf coaching is going from strength to strength, with video analysis included in every coaching sessions.

Beau states, “I know it’s scary being filmed, but it’s really beneficial. Surfing can feel totally different to how it actually looks. When you see yourself surf, the feedback I give is more comprehensible because you can see how your positioning and technique can be improved.” Beau continues, “Surfing is now one of the fastest growing sectors in the fitness market. It’s really important that surf coaching and surf fitness includes the very latests technology and coaching techniques. That’s what I aim to bring to Surf South West.”

The Future

Surf South West Director, John Ellis states, “It’s great to add Beau’s knowledge and expertise to our offerings. We’re proud of our reputation as a Centre of Surfing Excellence and with Beau’s professionalism this will grow even stronger.”

As for the future, Beau has great plans. “I’m keen to put in place some regular group coaching sessions for three to five people, again with video analysis included. I find that when people go surfing together they push each other on, especially if they are paddling out with better surfers. On average, I always tell people that if they want to see any positive results in their fitness and surfing, at very least, a minimum of one session a month over a six month period is required. Surfing is a really social sport and the support of others really helps people keep up that momentum which will make that six month period seem more viable to many.”


So there you have it. No excuses everyone. If you’d like to see not only your surfing but also your health improve significantly over the next six months, please drop by the clubhouse and speak to Beau. You can also email Beau with any questions at or telephone 01271 890400 right now. Who knows, Surf South West could be the place where a totally new chapter of your life will begin, just as it did for Beau.

Looking forward to sharing a wave with you soon,
The SSW Crew x