For all you Buggles fans out there (you have to be of certain an age), video hasn’t "killed the radio star” In fact, one has just been created.  Big cheer for Surf South West’s Mr John Ellis for stepping up to the microphone and excelling in an interview for the popular Laura James Show on The Voice North Devon Radio.

The Interview

Smooth talking John began by explaining that surfing has seen a huge increase in popularity over the last few years. He extolled the many therapeutic qualities of being in the waves and gave his theories about why people are being drawn to the sport in such high numbers. He then went on to explain how Surf South West had become one of the largest and most progressive surf schools in the UK and his pride in the school becoming a Centre of Surfing Excellence.

Community Projects

At the core of the interview, John discussed all the many therapeutic community projects that we support here at Surf South West.  These include The Wave Project North Devon; Wave Wahines CIC and The Wave Ranger Project.

John was also keen to point out how Surf South West has now become a major centre of Adaptive Surfing in England.

John’s Surf Story

After giving all our surfing community a big old plug, John told the listeners how he first started surfing in N Wales when he was a boy. He then let it out the bag that he doesn’t quite surf as much as he once did. To make matters worse, he admitted that, more often than not, he can now be found on a green golf course rather than a green wave.

Shocking admission.

Rest assured dear reader, we’re speaking seriously to him about this sad state of affairs.

It shall be rectified.

the voice logo

The Voice North Devon Radio

A hug thank you to all the team at The Voice North Devon. The station has recently undergone a huge transformation with a complete re-brand of their state of the art studios in Barnstaple. Looking good The Voice! Thank you for everything that you do to serve our  North Devon community.  We appreciate you.

Listen On Replay

So, without further ado, ping back your lugholes and have a listen to John’s dulcet tones here on The Voice’s replay page. Just scroll down and you’’ll find him …