Tips for great surf training

As instructors and mentors, we constantly get asked for advice on how to become better surfers. The truth is you can never stop learning! Even the pro surfers have coaches. Like everything else in life, you fall upon that classic saying we are all very familiar with “practice makes perfect”. Whether you are a beginner, seasonal or intermittent surfer, there are countless things you can do to improve your skills when you are in or out of the sea. We have broken down the stages for you to make sure you are fully prepared for your next lesson or session.

Out on the waves:

Fitness - this is the number one ‘must-have’ to be able to survive the waves. We aren’t asking you to run marathons every weekend or to be the fittest person on the beach; we are encouraging you to focus on your endurance and strength. The best surfers are the ones who focus on their physical health out of the water. They are the ones who look after their bodies, be it from resting, stretching, sleep, hydration and recovery. Like most athletes, surfers rely on their bodies to keep them going through all conditions and when we are at the mercy of the sea, keeping fit is paramount.

Mobility - Closely related with fitness, people very often underestimate the importance of mobility when you surf. We aren’t talking about how quickly you can move, we are focusing on how you move at all. There are a basic few moves that can totally transform your time on your board and if you take 20 minutes a day, you will notice a dramatic change in no time at all. Those of you who are able to afford £10 a month, download the app Romwod - often used by athletes all over the world, this app will revolutionise the way you walk, sleep, train and hold your body. Those looking for the free option, spend 25 minutes a day doing the following exercises - the frog, pigeon (both sides), puppy dog and the supine twist (both sides). We honestly cannot recommend them enough. We could bore you with the science (and if you do want to find out more, please do drop us a message), but we have spent years working out how we can look after ourselves more.

In the waves:

Attitude - we all have various different degrees of this and having a positive one is only going to help you. Before your session, take some time to remind yourself why you are going for a surf. Remember a previous session or something you have learnt and try to channel that while you are in the water. This also applies to wave etiquette, which is something all surfers should honour. You are not the only person wanting to catch the wave: look, listen and respect your fellow surfers.

Listen - while we would all love to believe that we (humans) are experts at everything, we really are not at all. Your coaches and instructors are there because they know what they are doing. They have spent years learning and training to be able to help you so make sure you listen to their feedback. Ask them as many questions as you like, they are there to help you.

Enjoy - life can be somewhat serious most of the time and it really doesn’t need to be! Surfing is about having fun and also allowing others to saviour the enjoyment as well. Laugh after a wipeout, smile at fellow surfers and talk to others in the water. Happiness really is infectious!

After the waves:

Reflect - once you are out of the water, take a moment to reflect on your session. What did you learn? What did you improve on? How have you improved? Did you enjoy it? This will help you appreciate your time out there and work out what you want to do differently next time you go in

Share - we want to see how you got in in your sessions so drop us a message, tag us on your social media or just talk to one of our team. You are the reason we keep getting in the water and we want to hear how you get on.

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Looking forward to sharing a wave with you soon,
The SSW Crew x