Coasteering? What is this sport that everyone’s talking about and why should you give it a try next time you visit us in Croyde? We explain….

Flat Days and Adventure Days.

Last month many of us experienced a surfer’s worst nightmare – flat conditions. It can get a surf community down. However, in our Surf South West world, we never need to worry about the lack of waves. That’s because flat conditions mean only one thing to us – a plentitude of coasteering and paddle boarding adventures, both of which need no swell at all.

And coasteering and paddle boarding adventures aren’t just for flat days either. If you’re on holiday it makes sense to plan a variety of great activities and fill your days with many adventures.

Variety is the spice of life after all.

What is coasteering?

Coasteering originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales where the coastline is similar to our own – rugged and beautiful. From those amazing cliffs, caves and rock gullies, a unique adventure activity was born named coasteering. It consisted of exploring the foreshore by cliff jumping, rock gully swimming, cave exploring, wave riding, sea level traversing and rock climbing. The sport quickly gained popularity because of the exhilarating way it can be used to discover the coastline and it’s wildlife. It’s a perspective you rarely encounter.

Coasteering with us in Croyde.

We adopted our Cymru cousins initiative and have been offering coasteering adventures for many years now. Located as we are at the foot of the beautiful Baggy Point, coasteering was a perfect addition to our water sports offerings.

coasteering in croyde

Our Coasteering Adventures

All our coasteering adventures are organised by coasteering expert, Will Lange. As a local surfer and climber, Will knows these shores like the back of his hand and is highly qualified in this field. He is quite simply, the best.

Is every adventure the same?

No, because we depend on the ever changing tides, weather, swell and location. Therefore, every single coasteer is unique. You will never go on the same adventure twice, so feel free to book a follow up!

Is Coasteering for everyone?

Yes, we welcome everyone – young or old, fit or non-fit, swimmers and non-swimmers. This is just about you having fun under the expert guidance of our professional instructors. The only stipulation we have is that you need to be over the age of 8 years.

How long are the adventures?

Our sessions are approximately 3 hrs long but that includes the getting ready and safety briefings. Rest assured, you’ll then experience at least 2.5 hours of exhilarating eco-adventure along our beautiful North Devon foreshore. That’s a couple of hours pure rock-hopping, shore-scrambling, swell-riding and yes, even the odd cliff-jump if it takes your fancy.


Coasteering is truly a playground of discovery in regards to our local wildlife. You’ll come face to face with fascinating creatures that you never thought you’d have access to. Breathtaking is the word for it.

What you need to bring

Swimwear, appropriate (stout) footwear that you’ll happy to get wet, board shorts to wear over a wetsuit; a towel, and a big smile! We’ll provide you with all the specialist kit including the wetsuits so don’t worry about that.
Don’t forget your sunscreen in summer though!

Your Safety First.

Will and our team of highly qualified guides will teach you all the techniques you need to coasteer in safety. Will’s knowledge of our local tides is second to none so he’ll know what conditions to expect on the day. This enables him to choose the best location for the coasteer for that particular time.This not only guarantees your safety, but enables us to guide you safely to the most exhilarating wave surges, the most interesting rock stacks, and the most beautiful wildlife spots.
We’ll also make sure that each session is adapted to your ability, ensuring you can relax and just enjoy the rugged coastline with just the amount of thrill that you are comfortable with.
In addition to the wetsuits, we’ll also provide you with your own buoyancy-aid and a water sports helmet too.
And yes, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced instructor throughout your adventure. Safety is top of the list in everything we do, coasteering included. We comply with national coasteering guidelines and work with small instructor-to-pupil ratios.

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coasteering in croyde
coasteering in croyde

So, no matter who you are, your age or walk of life, coasteering will be an amazing experience for you. It’s a true family memory-maker. No matter how flat the waves, it will be brilliant fun and a day of laughter and smiles.
Phone us now on 01271 890400 to book your adventure – and of course it’s always more fun if you can get a group together. We can cater for schools, hen and stag groups, birthday parties, clubs, families, and corporates.
It will be a laugh!