I first started surfing at 12 years old after moving to Croyde with my family from Kent. All my hopes and dreams of becoming a professional footballer quickly disappeared after one surf.
After 6 months of surfing I began competing at the local Croyde Surf Club competitions which then progressed to national competitions. After three years I signed a contract with Billabong and was then entirely focused on making the GB team to represent my country at the ISA world surfing championships. This focus became a reality and I captained team GB at the 2010 world surfing championships in New Zealand and 2011 in Peru.

Growing up in Croyde was epic! There was ample opportunity to earn money to help towards surfing funds. From 12 years old until 16 I think I must have done every odd job possible in a kitchen. By 16 though I’d taken my kitchen porter career as far as I could, and it made complete sense to work at the surf school teaching something I love to do. I did my first lesson at Surf South West and was surrounded by such a good team for 5 years and gained invaluable experience in people skills, communicating and coaching.

Over the past 6 years I have been working for the RNLI as a lifeguard on Croyde beach whilst continuing to coach surfing and travel. Three years ago, it became very clear that my passion was in coaching and in the physical preparation involved in performing a sport well. Therefore, I enrolled on a degree in order to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge into coaching and how best to train for sport, combining experience with further education and learning.

In the past three years I have worked and continue to work with the English surf team as a technical and strength and conditioning coach. I have worked with the Plymouth Raiders basketball team as a strength and conditioning coach in their 2018/2019 season and assisted with Plymouth argyle ladies FC post season fitness testing in 2019.

Last winter I travelled to Costa Rica for the season where I coached surfing and implemented a surf fit strength and conditioning programme for Selina Surf Club. Now that I am back home, I am drawing on all of my own experiences and education to offer a unique private surf session experience at Surf South West that I am extremely proud of and that has received incredible feedback.

Beau Performance represents a combination of my passions for surfing and strength and conditioning. I created Beau Performance to offer a coaching experience which reflects my core values of respect, passion and creativity. These core values as a coach have been heavily influenced by my first coaching experience at Surf South West. Which is why I am so excited to be back, bringing my enhanced experience and knowledge to implement a private session programme.

I can’t wait to coach and assist as many people as possible with their surfing and look forward to meeting you!