Am I too old to surf?

A common question we are asked is: 'Am I too old to surf?'

If you think you're too old to surf, then meet Jackie, one of our oldest students. Jackie has been visiting Croyde annually for a number of years now and always books a few surf lessons with us. I know Jackie doesn't mind us revealing that she is 75 years young and absolute proof that you are never too old to surf!

Her most recent visit captured the attention of BBC local news and you can view the clip here.

Here are some pics of a recent visit to Croyde - inspiring stuff!

oldest customer surfing Croyde


customer surfing Croyde and standing up aged 75


So no matter what your age, surfing can be just as fun and addictive. And on a sporting level, the world's best surfer with an unprecedented 11 world titles is 44 year old Kelly Slater and he was still winning world tour events in 2013. For an inspiring film about senior citizens surfing in Brazil click here.