Devon Wildlife Trust

Devon Wildlife TrustWe are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Devon Wildlife Trust and their innovative T-Pod project. A T-Pod (Timing Porpoise Detector) is a high-tech listening device located on the ocean floor that scans and records the sounds made by porpoises and dolphins. Surf South West has recently become a corporate supporter of Devon Wildlife Trust and our contribution to the trust will be directly assisting funding of this project.

The aim of the project is to gather information about porpoise and dolphin behaviour in the area and compare it with recorded sightings. This will help to build a better picture of their numbers and habits in North Devon waters. One of the T-Pods is located off Baggy Point, very close to Croyde Bay so it is an ideal opportunity to support a project that aims to discover more about these elusive creatures.

Managing Director of Surf South West, Darren Burrett recently headed out on one of the fishing boats to observe retrieval of the T-Pods in order that the data can be collected and assessed. Despite heavy seas, both T-Pods were successfully recovered and the data will be analysed and the results published in due course.

The T-Pods can record sounds from all cetaceans that make a clicking sound so it is hoped they may also reveal the presence of whales in north Devon waters.

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