Sports Star surfs with us in Croyde

One of the best things about our job at the surf school is that we get to share our passion of surfing with so many people. Over our busy summer period, we are lucky to take many different groups into the waves. Families, children, schools, community groups, adults, beginners, intermediates and surf clubs to name just a few. To be able to share the stoke of riding waves with so many people and be able to share their journey’s to becoming surfers is a very special experience for us.

The nature of our sport makes it completely unique to most other sports and outdoor activities.  It allows you to experience a special connection to the ocean and nature, while allowing you to be physically active. The intense high that is connected to riding waves is certainly addictive and almost makes you forget any physical barriers you have had to overcome to get up and riding on a wave.

Recently we were extremely honored to have former world champion and Olympic athlete Iwan Thomas come and surf with us at Croyde through a sport initiative called SPOGO. Developed by UKactive using a Sport England lottery grant, this innovative online tool is designed specifically to make your life easier by bringing together over 112,000 sports venues, facilities, clubs, leisure centers, personal trainers and events, in the same place for the first time.

SPOGO works with real people to show how sport and fitness can improve everyone’s lives, and Iwan and a group of friends came to Croyde to make a film to promote the benefits of taking to the waves that we are fortunate to experience every day. The film that SPOGO produced shows Iwan surfing with us, but also talks to other influential surfers in the local area who are involved with promoting the sport and its benefits to the general population.

It was a great honor for us to be involved in such a cool project and help promote the surfing stoke to a wider audience. Take a look at the link to see how Iwan got on when he took to the surf.