Springtime Surfing

Following one of the best winters for surf along our coastline that anyone can remember, the Atlantic continued to produce consistent and quality surf throughout the early part of 2014. All our surf instructors who were in Devon enjoyed getting as much water time as possible at the many less ridden spots around the coast before busier times at the start of the new season. With a lot of our instructors still off enjoying tropical waves at various locations across the globe, the more senior members of the team soldiered through the final part of the winter in cold water, more than content with the temperature due to the quality of waves to ride on a daily basis.

It’s always a huge turning point for any surfer when the evenings start to draw out, and the anticipation of an evening surf session start to become reality. Knowing that the winter is finally coming to an end and the clocks are soon to change means that it wont be long before layers of rubber start to get shed before a surf. First to go are the gloves, then the hood and hopefully sooner rather than later the boots can be thrown away and the spring suit dusted down.

Spring seemed to appear extremely early this year, and with lots of consistent bright weather, it definitely started to feel like spring-like in early march. We opened our doors to the first customers of our 19th season on March 22nd. Unlike the previous year, where we experienced heavy rain, sleet and Baltic sea temperatures in March, our early customers enjoyed sunshine and empty waves. Just before Easter our instructor ‘Italian’ Andi returned to Devon following his winter coaching in Portugal and travelling in Indonesia. Steve also returned to work full time and all our senior instructors were in place to work through the Easter holidays.

The first week of the Easter holidays, the weather produced blue skies and sunshine and still lots of fun sized surf to get our students hooked on surfing and riding the waves with huge smiles on their faces. Will, Steve and Andi were joined by Jasmine and Joe to make sure everyone surfing with us had an as much fun as possible. During this time our senior instructor John was on the other side of the world in Ecuador. As manager of the British Junior Surf Team, John was with the squad competing at the World Championships for two weeks, leaving everyone else to do all the hard work while he was concentrating on finally getting a tan before the summer season commenced.

After such a good start to the season with the weather and waves, we are very optimistic that a bright and hot summer lies ahead. And with reports in the press that we are to expect a record summer for temperatures, we are really excited at the prospect of a busy summer teaching surfing to as many people as possible on two of the UK’s best beaches.