Winter Surfing in Croyde

Well it finally looks like our run of winter surf is briefly on hold after an incredible 7 weeks of non-stop waves. Winter is often a great time for surf, as long as you forget about the cold sea temperatures, the freezing air, surfing in a ridiculously thick wetsuit, strong winds, lack of daylight - I could go on but you get the picture.  It’s for all of the above reasons that we don’t open our surf schools from December through to early March. Most of the time the conditions are too unpredictable and unsuitable, and of course most of our instructors have fled to tropical shores. On rare occasions though, all of the negative aspects of winter surfing are pushed aside when the conditions align and we experience a historic run of waves. The huge storms that have left a path of destruction across many parts of the country have brought with them surf, and lots of it. It’s just such a shame that the same waves that are so great for surfing have also caused so much heartache and damage to people and properties situated right on the coast. The waves that we’ve surfed certainly haven’t been beginner friendly, but for the many surfers that live locally and have ‘flexible’ working arrangements it has been a veritable gold-rush of waves. Some are already calling it the best winter for surf in living memory for North Devon. After seeing the misery the storms have caused to many communities I think everyone would now like to see a return to more settled, benign conditions. And if the waves do eventually calm down, I’m predicting a mini boom in the North Devon economy as everyone concentrates on work,  all those missed deadlines are completed, home improvements are finished and life returns to normal…until the next run of surf.