The First Blog Post from Surf South West's new Blog

It’s taken 17 years to happen but here it is, the first ever Surf South West blog. When I think back to starting our surf school in 1996 it’s easy to forget that blogs didn’t even exist. Of course neither did the internet (for most people), or Facebook, or Twitter, or Youtube. Now we’re told we have to use these and many more multiple channels to interact with our customers and get our message out there. It’s all about shouting the loudest to be heard. The other thing we’re always being told by business experts is to know where our customers come from and we’re quite good at this. It helps when there are only two of us in the office dealing with bookings and enquiries, it means we can ask everyone individually how they found out about us and keep a record of this data. The really important statistic for me is that we have many more customers that come to us by way of personal recommendations than Facebook, or Twitter, or Youtube. Now of course a social media expert would say that maybe this means that we’re probably not using social media effectively but I’d like to think that it reveals that despite all the distractions of smart phones and tablets that people still do talk and compare and recommend. So thank you to all that have. So was this blog worth the 17 year wait? I’ll leave that for others to judge but I’m guessing in another 17 years the concept of writing blogs will be forgotten in favour of some new form of electronic communication. Whatever it is I hope that we’ll still be here trying to keep up. So here’s to the next 17 years of blogging and who knows, at some point we may even talk about surfing.