10 Years of Surf Coaching

If you follow our social media feeds, you will have seen that all of our senior coaches have returned to the surf school for the 2017 season. Last to return from his annual winter travels to the tropics was our Saunton Manager Andrea Carsana. Andi's return to work this year marks a huge milestone, as he is about to complete his 10th season coaching with us at Surf South West.

Along with Will and John, Andi will be the third member of our coaching team to have been working with us for over a decade. Andi's first season coaching with us was way back in 2008 when he started to coach at Croyde. He quickly completed his further surf coaching and Stand Up Paddleboarding qualifications and is now a firm fixture in the car park at Saunton, organising our surf lessons at possibly one of the best beginner waves in the UK.

Originally from Milan in Italy, Andi started surfing in 2004 while traveling in New Zealand. He is still one of the most dedicated and passionate surfers on our team and his constant desire to ride waves has taken him all over the world. He has not only surfed on the majority of the Indonesian islands, but also in Australia, Papa New Guinea, Africa, Canary Islands, as well as working as a surf coach in Portgual and Mexico. When Andi isn't working at the school, if there are waves, you can guarantee he will be in the lineup at Croyde hassling everyone for waves.

We are extreamly proud to have such a strong team of highly qualified and experienced coaches working at Surf South West. Not only do we now have 3 full time instructors with over a decade coaching for surf south west, but also a large number of returning employees  that have been working with us for a number of years. We would like to think that this not only helps us provide all our customers with a higher standard of instruction, but also a relaxed, friendly and familiar environment when attending surfing courses at any of our locations.