Wave Project - Croyde

Wave Project


The Wave Project is a charity, founded originally in Cornwall, but has now gone from strength to strength to operate at numerous locations throughout the UK. Since it started, the Wave Project has developed an award winning intervention that uses local surfers and volunteers to take local children surfing to reduce anxiety and improve their emotional health and wellbeing.


We are extremely proud to now be entering our third year of working with and supporting the Wave Project in North Devon. Along with the fantastic coordinators Helen and Joel Blackman, our senior coaches Will Houston and Andrea Carsana assist the numerous local volunteers to get the group of youngsters into the surf on a weekly basis.


Initially new members to the Wave Project attend a six week surf course at our Surf center in Croyde. The pure enjoyment, stoke and fun that each session brings to the surf school is a special thing to witness. The therapy of entering the water and riding waves on a weekly basis is easy to see. Smiles, laughter and high fives are usually followed with a post surf social of tea and cakes.


Due to the success of the scheme, Helen and Joel have been able to create an additional Wave Project surf club that allows any surfers the opportunity to continue to enjoy the sport of surfing in a safe environment, after they have completed their initial six week introduction course. With both clubs taking place on a Saturday and Sunday at Croyde, everyone looks forward to the weekend to go surfing as a group.


We are extremely excited to continue to support the Charity and hope to see it develop even further in the future. If you wish to be involved as a volunteer, you can contact the wave project through their website www.waveproject.co.uk