Never Too Old...

It is always really easy to find excuses to not do something. As surfers, this is no different and sometimes we are all guilty of driving away from waves instead of paddling out. The tide is too high, the wind is too strong, its too crowded are all excuses that we have all used to make ourselves feel better for not having the motivation to paddle out and catch a wave. When something is outside your comfort zone, it’s even easier to come up with reasons not to give something a try.

At the surf school, one of the most common things we hear when groups come to us for lessons is that they wont be able to do it, as they are ‘Too Old’. Over the 20 years we have been taking people surfing, we have introduced hundreds and thousands of people, all different nationalities, shapes, sizes and backgrounds to this amazing sport.

Recently one of our oldest customers came back to visit us and prove to everyone that as long as you have a positive mental attitude and a drive to give something a try, anything is possible. Jackie is 75 and visits us every June to have a week of surfing with our instructors. Jackie truly believes that age is just a number, and her attitude and approach to riding waves is a true inspiration. No matter what the conditions are like, Jackie is always frothing to get in the water and try and improve her surfing. She doesn’t let anything stop her and is always determined to succeed. Jackie has gone from being a complete beginner to being up and riding the waves with style and control.

Taking Jackie surfing inspires us all at the surf school and we can only hope that we are all still in the water surfing to the same standard when we are the same age. Thank you for surfing with us Jackie and keeping the stoke levels sky high.