Goldcoast Oceanfest Toedipper Event

The weekend of the 20th and 21st June sees the Oceanfest surf and music festival arrive in North Devon. Overlooking Croyde beach, one of the premier surf spots the UK has to offer, we offer the opportunity for first timers to gain a taste of surfing, which is where our very own Toe Dippers event comes in. 
Now in its tenth year, our event is stronger than ever, with beginners from across the country turning up to learn some new skills and also be in with a chance of winning some great prizes.
The Toe Dipper event is purely for beginners to give surfing a go, and try a sport that they wouldn't usually take part in. The surfer that shows the most promise is then awarded with our trophy and a brand new board to fuel their new-found passion. 
This year was a close one. I had the joy of teaching some real talents, all hungry to learn and beaming their way through the session. It was Austin (Ozzy) Holmes-Moore that came out on top however. Austin did something that very few beginners to the sport can or will do, realise where they're going wrong. He then went about correcting any faults with an enthusiasm that few can match. By the end of the session he was turning, attempting switch-foot and riding waves with a sense of balance that's worthy of years of practice, not just a few hours. 
If you get the chance one year, head over to our surf school for this brilliant event and for the Festival itself. If adrenalin fuelled sports, great live music and beautiful scenery is your thing (why wouldn't it be?) then I can guarantee you a brilliant weekend. 

Written by Maddie Meddings, Surf South West Instructor.